Email Overload: Focus on "Business Critical" Emails

Does email overload exist, and if yes, what affects it? David Sumeckia, Maxwell Chipulua, and Udechukwu Ojiakoa asked 1100 employees of a multinational technology firm and found out that there is a connection between non-critical emails and email overload. 

Starting with today you can now share your things with other people! Your project results are often the joint effort of a team, invite your colleagues to work together with you in Refinder. 

A semantic platform

Recently we at Gnowsis stumbled upon the question, "what is a semantic platform"? This is an interesting question, because the "semantics" term is loaded with so many different interpretations and opinions that it is really hard to give a simple yet precise answer. Anyway, since we believe that with Refinder we are actually building a "semantic platform", we should be able to give an answer to that question. 

Collect to organize, search as last resort

As unique as each person is, so is each personal library. People organize information they need on a daily basis in what could be called a "personal library". Studies about personal search engines showed, that such a personal library is not only for storing, but also for organizing your daily work. If your library is well structured, you get an overview on your projects and current tasks. This is why structure is needed to organize the collected information, and a search engine to dig through a pile is not enough.

Networked organizations - The key to industrial success?

Enterprise 2.0 and social collaboration are currently on everyone's lips when talking about how to improve enterprise productivity. But to state that the right tools will you and your employees make collaborate is a myth. Read the findings from a recent McKinsey study. 

Collections and Publishing - Refinder's 2 hottest features

We are very happy to announce that we released 2 new features: Collections and Publishing. 

Painting our 2nd office

We've rented a new office! And as we wanted to give a personal touch, we've decided to paint it ... on our own. See pictures from the Gnowsis and Refinder team in action. 

Are you a spring-cleaner or more a frequent-filer when it comes down to emails? And do you know what's a temperature of a task? A recently published study provides some interesting findings about re-finding of emails in the daily information overlaod. 

Meet Refinder at "Innovation goes Business" event

This was the Innovation goes Business event 2011. Thank you for those many interesting talks at our booth!

Refinder feature survey: Some interesting results

As announced, last week we did a study evaluating Refinders' current and planned features. The survey provided valuable insights to us and we want to thank all of you, who participated. In this blog post we would like to share some interesting results. 


How does it work? 

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