Refinder Dashboard: The new feature summarizing your activities

Today we introduce our latest Refinder feature: The Dashboard. It is a structured overview summarizing your activities done in Refinder. It is a simple way to see what topics you've been working on recently, which of your things you're viewing most often and also on what days you've been most productive during the last month. The Dashboard is the newhome screen of your account showing you what activities you use to spend your time on.

New user experience: THE REFINDER TUTORIAL

Starting from now on, Refinder gets a new user experience: A 7 steps guide appearing after each login and providing an overview about all essential features of your personal organizer - individual topics, projects, bookmarks and data from other online services.  


Use Refinder to Plan a Meeting

Part of Refinder is a Microsoft Outlook connector. You can use it to create relations between things in Outlook and also to link other documents to things within Outlook. For example, you can start with a meeting in your Outlook calendar and continue from there on. Find people who may attend the meeting, gather more important information about the meeting, get an overview, and finally have everything ready before you walk the red carpet at the meeting.

Privacy and Security in Refinder

We at Gnowsis understand that your data is a valuable good. Your data may be a critical factor for your business, and you rightfully take care of your private stuff. Certain parts of your data (like emails or business documents) are for sure not to be seen by others, and we respect this. Most importantly, your data will not be visible to any other user.

Gnowsis offers investment opportunity

Gnowsis is currently offering investment opportunities into Refinder, the personal semantic assistant. 

After the first business angel investment, negotiations for a further seed and business angel round for the financial period 2011 - 2012 are in progress. The technology has been developed and tested within a EUR 16 mio EU project, current research and development activities are supported by Austrian research funds and programs. First sales partners in the U.S. are already aquired. 

Search basics in Refinder

Search is one the most used features in Refinder. Let´s take some time to have a closer look at the basics of searching and finding things.

Help us making Refinder better - Volunteer for an interview!

Gnowsis is continuously working on improving Refinder, your personal semantic assistant, and implementing new features according to our users' requirements and feedback.


For this we are continuously looking for users participating in interviews.


Each user interview will last about 45 minutes and can be done either face-to-face in Vienna or by Skype from everywhere around the world. 


Gnowsis rocks at Seedlounge crowdfunding event in Munich

On Wednesday, January 26th 2011, Gnowsis was one of the 6 start-ups pitching at the crowdfunding event Seedlounge in Munich. 


Watch the Gnowsis pitch at SemTech 2010

Interested in how Gnowsis pitches when standing in front of a big audience?

Now you can have a look and watch CEO Leo Sauermann presenting at the Innovate!100 Pitch Slam in San Francisco in June 2010. Gnowsis won 3rd place here.




When turbo power kicks in

Remember the days, when cars got turbo-charged engines? This certain feeling of "so what" while stepping on the accelerator, until the point, when turbo-power kicked in abruptly and you felt the car take-off? Quite a déjà-vu to my early experiences with Refinder:

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