LASSO: Lookup and Alignment Services with Semantic Open Data

Gnowsis is happy to be part of the LASSO project. In this two-year project (which is partially funded by the FFG FIT-IT Semantic Systems programme) we aim to explore methods how we can exploit the huge amounts of structured data on the Web in order to improve Personal Information Management activities. We carry out this project together with our partners Services GmbH, IWM @ TU Graz, and Neurovation GmbH.

It's about time: leave your box, follow the links

How many web accounts do you own? Do you use a public email service like GMail or Yahoo? Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Did you ever notice that you are dealing with the same projects, people, and topics in all these applications?

21 Files towards efficiency

Trust me, I am a computer scientist. And I can share great news with you: you will perform much faster if you keep up to 21 files in a folder, not more. Keeping up to 21 files in a folder will do the following:

Welcome to Visionary Blog Posts by Leo

Welcome to a series of blog posts shining light on our product Cluug and its main feature - semantic personal information management. I aim to write a short weekly post, you can follow them by subscribing to the RSS feed of "visionary". I will cover information science, Cluug product development at Gnowsis, philosophy, and a bit history.

Recap on Gnowsis by Innovate!100

Innovate!100 published a recap on our pitch slam "3rd place" - "2nd runner up".

Cluug at the SemTech2010, news from the Semantic Industry

Me presenting Cluug at Pitch SlamWhat has changed about Semantic Technologies in the last year?

Gnowsis pitches again ... successfully!

I just got notice from Leo who is currently at the SemTech Innovate!2010 Pitch Slam that Gnowsis won the third place! The winners are Hypios followed by SmartLogic, congratulations to them!

Cluug on the iPad

Yesterday I tried Cluug on the iPad, testing how it behaves. It works like a charm, the only point where I had to get creative was with the features implemented as hover-over actions.

Gnowsis will attend the 2010 Semantic Technology Conference in San Francisco, taking place from 21st to 25th June 2010.

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