Talks in Nürnberg FH on Semantic Desktop and Semantic Wikis

The Semantic Desktop is an important intermediate step - it helps people remember while promoting Semantic Web standards adoption the same time. I will be giving a talk on Semantic Desktop on 17th June 2010. Go to the Information Science Faculty of the Fachhochschule Nürnberg, Hohfederstr. 40, Ground Floor, Right, Room Q 007

Header_IGB10 Yesterday the folks from Gnowsis attended the excellent enterpreneur event "Innovation Goes Business 2010". Its the yearly gathering of enterpreneurs and startups around the startup incubator.

Cluug Tutorials Part 2: Relations and Recommendations

One of the most powerful features of Cluug is its ability to relate (or link) your things. This can be done manually, or by using Cluug's powerful recommendation mechanism that suggests potentially interesting things, both from your personal data but also from public data sources. Watch how you can use relations and recommendations here:

It was great at CeBIT 2010 presented our product, "follow the links, be Cluug" at CeBIT 2010.

Cluug Tutorials

Cluug Tutorials is a series of screencasts that demonstrate useful features. See the first part about the Cluug bookmarklet here:

Cluug Technology — behind the scenes

During the upcoming weeks I will give some details about the internals of Cluug — how it works, and what's behind the scenes. As you may have already seen, Cluug manages your things — these are the ones that represent your information. Everything may become a thing, starting from a Web page through an email message through a file on your hard disk. But not only digital stuff can become a thing. People, projects, locations, topics — everything you can imagine can become a thing.

Showing at CeBIT - see you there?

After many months of setting up a company, we have our second public appearance: is going to show up at CeBIT. We will be giving demos of our first product "" and give away alpha accounts for selected users. There will also be a great video about it. Not a finished product yet, but an alpha version, so we are getting closer.

Lost Documents = Lost Money

You probably haven't realized it yet, but the value lost due to missing information is enormous. A 2005 study by M.K. Bergman reveals that

Gnowsis talk at the ESTC 2009 on

Watch the successful Gnowsis pitch presentation at the ESTC 2009 Innovation Seed Camp. Get a deeper insight into the idea and the goals of the company and see the talk that made Gnowsis win the 3rd place amongst the best 16 start-ups from all around Europe in the field of semantic technologies!

The German research and consulting company innowise published thereport "Trends in Semantic Web" (in German language). It sums up the results of 200 European research projects and shows possible use cases of deployed semantic web technology.

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