Painting our 2nd office

We've rented a new office! And as we wanted to give a personal touch, we've decided to paint it ... on our own. See pictures from the Gnowsis and Refinder team in action. 

As the Refinder and Gnowsis teams grows, our office got too small for us all. So we've rented a second one. And to create a more friendly working atmosphere, we've decided to paint it ... on our own!

The 2nd office will be just next to the main office at Phorusgasse 8, 1040 Vienna and it will be a shared working space with our friends of Spectralmind

Have a look at some pics from this team building event of the other kind: 

Development and Marketing "at work"  CTO Bernhard Schandl examines the situationDevelopment and Marketing "at work"


   The new office CEO Leo Sauermann managing all his painting fellows 
The new office and CEO Leo Sauermann managing his painting followers


What about coming around for a visit?