New features: Personal profiles and Invite per email

Small but nice are the new feature updates in Refinder. Starting this week you can now create profile pages and invite people into a collection via email. 

Profile Pages

To make your Refinder account more personal, upload a profile picture so everyone can see your smiling face when sharing a collection or discussing with you. Go to "Your Account" and view your new profile page. Here you can add some additional information about yourself, like a link to your site or any online account as well as provide a short bio, list your experiences, and interests. The checkbox "Show my Profile to everyone" allows you to decide who can see your profile and profile picture. When checked, your profile can be viewed by everyone clicking on your name and the URL of your profile. Your profile is private by default. 

Yes, we know it all looks a little bit simple at the moment, but it will get smarter. We promise.


Invite via Email to a Collection

Do you want to share your collected facts and findings with colleagues not using Refinder? Simply invite them by email! Type the email address into the search field in the "Share" section on the right side and press return.


If the email address is not yet registered in the system, Refinder sends out an invitation link to this adress and the user is invited to join Refinder. When clicking on this link, he is asked to choose a password and becomes a registered user. It just takes a second!


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