Dropbox feature added for Refinder

Dear users of Refinder,

we are very excited to announce to you the release of our newest feature: Refinder is now finally able to integrate your Dropbox account into your Refinder account.

You can let your Dropbox files be indexed by our smart text analysis tool, and you can easily search your dropbox with Refinder. Over are the days of searching for hours of a Dropbox file that one of your colleagues might have stored some place you can't find are over.

Just search for a text string or file name that you are looking for, enter into the Refinder search box and find it.

The new Dropbox feature brings:

  • Referencing through importing of Dropbox files into Refinder.
  • Typical info like file size, data path and date of last change are added
  • Previews for images and PDFs are created
  • Giving feedback to files by commenting and liking is possible



How To Get Going:

  • Go to a collection
  • Click the "add" cloud app button
  • Do what it says: pick Dropbox, select which folder you need to integrate into this collection, etc.
  • Your files will start showing up after a while
  • Now you can search, like, comment... on your Dropbox files!

Please let us know your feedback or experience with our new feature as well as what other features you would love to see in Refinder.