Refinder: the intelligent Dropbox-search

Vienna-based start-up Refinder is pimping Dropbox

28.3.2012. The online-collaboration-tool Refinder ( is "pimping" Dropbox by adding an intelligent search-function. Developed by Vienna-based start-up Gnowsis, the service lists all file-changes made in Dropbox in a continuous information stream, the so-called "Activity Stream". This stream visualizes the file-changes in a timeline. The files can be filtered, searched and commented according to various criteria. This enables team-members, who collaboratively work with Dropbox, to be more productive and time-efficient. Free of charge in its basic-version, Refinder is supported by business incubator INiTS with both know-how and funding.

"Refinder makes all data and activities of a team in Dropbox searchable. This saves many emails, phone calls, and conversations which were necessary up to now, to keep up with file changes", says Leo Sauermann, CEO of Refinder." Dropbox is one of the most successful file-sharing-services online. Integrating Dropbox into our collaboration-tool Refinder solves one major problem that many Dropbox-users have encountered: discoverability of files, which are worked on by a team."

Refinder: Stay up to date

Refinder lets members of a team collect all project-relevant data such as appointments, emails and files in virtual folders, so called Collections. Refinder then displays the content of these Collections into an info-stream. This activity stream, known from social networks, is Refinder's "heart". It lets the user filter according to various criteria and enables speedy discoverability of the required information - without time-consuming search.

Teamwork 2.0

Refinder provides the solution for an area of business that has seen a rising demand the last years: software that enables member sof a projec-team to network and exchange knowledge on a global level, while the software automatiaclly organises their knowledge.

DI Michael Rauhofer, CEO of INiTS Universitäres Gründerservice GmbH: "Gnowsis creates something for companies, what Facebook has created for private user: virtual office, in which team-members can share and discover content irrespective of location and time. We are proud to support such a forward-looking project - with both resources and investment know-how.

About Gnowsis, the startup behind Refinder (March 2012):

Gnowsis is a European startup developing Refinder. Founded in 2009 in Vienna, we're building the next generation of enterprise social software. Our wish is to increase the productivity of knowledge workers by separating the signal from the noise.
Gnowsis is a spin-off of DFKI GmbH and was founded as part of the THESEUS research program. The Gnowsis team is a dedicated mix of  semantic web developers and marketing experts, and is supported by a network of experienced advisors in marketing & sales. Gnowsis has been receiving assistance from INiTS Universitäres Gründerservice GmbH since 2009. Gnowsis is funded by JITU – seed financing of BMWFJ, processed by aws; and FFG programmes.
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About INiTS (March 2012):

INiTS ( has been providing advice and support for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas since 2002, and has provided personal and individual consultation services for over 18 months. Services are aimed at graduates, employees and students at Vienna’s universities and applied science universities who want to put their business ideas into practice by starting up a company. The focus of IniTS is on innovations in the fields of information and communication technology, life sciences and other areas of research and technology. INiTS Universitäres Gründerservice Wien GmbH – the AplusB (Academia plus Business) centre for the Vienna region, a programme of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology – is a corporation of Zentrum für Innovation & Technologie der Stadt Wien (ZIT), the University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology.


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