New bulk function "Relate to a thing"

A while ago I presented you the initial set of Refinder´s bulk operations functionality. In the meantime, the range of bulk operations got extended. In this post I´m going to focus on the new bulk function "Relate to a thing".

Bulk operations summarize all activities, which you can apply to multiple Things, like deletion or the assignment of multiple Things into a collection. 

To quickly recap how this is done:

  • Step 1: check the Thing selector (the blue-framed circle at the lower left side of an icon)
  • Step 2: chose the bulk operation from the bulk operations panel, that overlays your screen once you click into a Thing selector.

The "Relate to a thing" function

In the "Things" view, the bulk operations panel got enhanced with the "Relate to a thing" button. This function displays the familiar "Search to relate" function in an overlay, which offers a two-column layout: in the right column it lets you pick a Thing from the list of Things you recently worked with. In the left column, you can enter a search term and select a Thing from the results list. As a result, Refinder establishes the relation between each of checked Things in the "Things" view and the Thing singled out though the "Relate to" overlay.

In the same way, the "Relate to a thing" function works in the "Collections" view.

You might wonder about the distinction between the "Relate" button and the "Relate to a thing" button. Same question might come up regarding the "Add to other collection" versus "Add to this collection" button.
Here´s a little table to help you sort it out:

 Bulk operation  Description


  • The "Relate" button simply relates all selected Things to each other (many-to-many).

Relate to a Thing

  • The "Relate to a Thing" button establishes a relation between the selected Things and a specific other Thing (one-to-many). 

Add to other collection

  • In Refinder, Things can be assigned into multiple collections. "Add to other collection" includes the selected Things into a further collection next to the one, from where they are currently displayed.

Add to this collection

  • "Add to this collection" relates to Things, which Refinder recommends you. In the "Collections" view, you see the list of recommended Things on the right side of your screen. Use the Thing selector, to chose from these recommendations and add them to the currently displayed collection through the "Add to this collection" button. 




i like refinder's concept of collecting and relating things. but im missing a way to add things in bulk e.g. lists of places, themes etc. it just make no sense to me to build collections 'from scatch'.