Searching for a Mother's Day gift in GoogleCalendar&Dropbox using Refinder

If you are looking for a present for your mom for mother's day, get inspired by Refinder. I searched through my cloud services for my mom and found Google Calendar entries and notes, giving me a good idea what to do next.

I used Refinder to search for my mom - to get a quick inspiration what I could give her for mother's day. The most results came when searching for "mama", which is what I write down when I speak of her in my Google Calendar, Dropbox, and Evernote(s).

Interestingly, most hits I got where for "going to mum for lunch on Saturday", which is a family tradition of ours - and which I write down every time not to miss it.

That gives me enough inspiration to look for a good present idea - she loves her garden and maybe she would like to have some herbs for cooking. She also loves clever kitchen devices that take away work from her. And flowers.

Wish you a great mother's day and maybe you get inspired, too, by using Refinder to search your cloud apps for a hint to a suitable mother's day gift.