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ESS and subtopics, which are for us: enterprise 2.0, knowledge management, and more detailed subtopics such as document management

Email must die! This is an event on social software and new it-methods to get rid of the email overflow in enterprises. Organized by Club IT, the rest of the message in German.

About the "open outcomes" approach in social business software

Last week, at the INiTs Investors Day, one of the participants approached me. He told me, that he had liked the Refinder presentation, however, he had missed a slide featuring the particular use-case, that Refinder addresses.  In the flurry of the networking chit-chat we were not able to discuss the question in depth, therefore I pick up the question here and hand in my point-of-view.

Socialize your findings!

Socialize your findings!

Chances are high that you have some tool to remember the things you stumble upon, be it blog posts, tweets, news articles, infographics, and more. Having such a tool gives you the confidence that you will be able to retrieve interesting items later when you need to get back to them.

Two pieces of information from last weeks news feeds point towards some accelerated change in the social enterprise applications market.

Chief Executive Thierry Breton realised that the 40 year old email system at place today is not the adequate tool for the staff of his 75.000 staff at Atos SA and plans to ban internal email within 18 months, upgrading it to a social software (like Refinder).

Enterprise Social Software meets Semantic Web

Enterprise Social Software tools bring a new approach into the daily business. Sharing information became the key to industrial success and helps teams collaborate, stay organized and keep themselves up-to-date. By adding Semantic Web technologies to Enterprise 2.0, an even greater value for organizations can be provided - Creating a network of relevant things, flexible data structures as well as system and information integration are just the beginning. 

Email Overload: Focus on "Business Critical" Emails

Does email overload exist, and if yes, what affects it? David Sumeckia, Maxwell Chipulua, and Udechukwu Ojiakoa asked 1100 employees of a multinational technology firm and found out that there is a connection between non-critical emails and email overload. 

Networked organizations - The key to industrial success?

Enterprise 2.0 and social collaboration are currently on everyone's lips when talking about how to improve enterprise productivity. But to state that the right tools will you and your employees make collaborate is a myth. Read the findings from a recent McKinsey study. 

Lost Documents = Lost Money

You probably haven't realized it yet, but the value lost due to missing information is enormous. A 2005 study by M.K. Bergman reveals that

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