New Refinder Features: Collection Explorer and Shoutbox

We are very happy to release two features today that will greatly simplify the way you share and discover information in Refinder: the Collection Explorer as well as the Shoutbox.

The Collection Explorer

Are you a spring-cleaner or more a frequent-filer when it comes down to emails? And do you know what's a temperature of a task? A recently published study provides some interesting findings about re-finding of emails in the daily information overlaod. 

Remember this Year: Appreciating what Happened

This Friday, Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus. In Austria, where our offices are, Christmas time is also a time of peace and reflection. Soon, the year will end and a new year starts. The holidays between Christmas and New Year are a perfect moment to reflect about the last year, appreciate what happened, and plan for the next. Here are some tips how to look back, clean up, and make it a habit.

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