Experience the new look and feel of Refinder, Open Position

Dear Refinder user!

Christmas is coming closer, our christmas present for you is here now! Refinder has a new look and feel - members of our user panel were very happy about it and liked the new interface right from the start. Refinder is now easier to use, quicker, and a lot smoother to support your social business collaboration than ever before. Many features have been improved - collecting data, integration with Microsoft Outlook, creating collections and inviting users. Organizations are starting to use Refinder to improve their internal communication, so get in touch to learn more what Refinder can do for you.

Go to www.getrefinder.com and login using your account "".

There are many changes and we look forward to hear feedback from you! Try it out and raise your voice! How do you like the new look and feel? What would you like to do with Refinder, what you have achieved with Refinder? Get in touch via info@getrefinder.com, the feedback forum,  facebook, or twitter.

Refinder has​ new look and feel

Together with our designer Markus Stefan we took the challenge and completely overhauled the design, to give you a faster and better looking Refinder experience. Collections, the collaborative workspaces in Refinder, were introduced in a new design. Several early adopters tested it for months and we finally released it to all users. Try it and tell us what you think!

Collections Overview

Get the Refinder YOU want - join the user panel and give more feedback

We want to improve Refinder for your team and are looking for organizations to test new features and give us feedback on Refinder. Join our "user panel" to get exclusive access to new features before anyone else and give feedback. Read http://www.gnowsis.com/about/content/user-panel to learn more and contact info@gnowsis.com to join. 

Open Position - Work for Refinder

We have an open position! We are looking for someone to talk with Refinder users, show new features, and care that users are informed. Read the job description and pass it on to friends and family:


New Feature: SciVerse Connector

We integrated Refinder with Elsevier's SciVerse platform and participated in Elseviers "Apps for Science" competition and won the second price! The Refinder plugin for Sciverse helps scientists to communicate about their research and organize their own collections of related work. When you found the right papers on SciVerse, you can collect them with your Refinder account.

Description of the Elsevier&Refinder integration: http://www.gnowsis.com/about/content/sciverse

Try it out: http://www.applications.sciverse.com/action/appDetail/297820

We won a price for it: http://www.gnowsis.com/about/blog/2011/11/01/refinder-won-second-price-elsevier-announced-winners-apps-science-challenge

More news about Refinder...

SemanticWeb.com covered Refinder in an article by Jennifer Zaino


DerStandard.at, one of the big newspapers in Austria, had a half-page article about Refinder in its printed edition on 9.11.2011

... we wish you a productive day!