Refinder for Teams was an online tool to collect and manage the information of your team. It brought the data and activities from cloud apps like Dropbox, Twitter, and Google Docs to one place. Teams loved it to filter and search within their data.

Notice: We are shutting down

Refinder is shutting down its current service by 6th December 2013We thank all our users and followers and supporters, read the story here.

Login and export your data.

Collections of your Data

Put everythings that belongs together in one “collection”. Add different types of content and connect people with information. Work on a project, ask questions, get answers or exchange information.
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From Your Cloud Apps

You already have the right tools for your work - Dropbox, Google Docs and all the other cloud apps you love. Keep using them and import the data to a Refinder collection to organize it. See the full list of available connector software here.

Add Bookmarks

You find great things on the web. When you find an interesting website, install the Refinder Bookmarklet in your browser to add it to Refinder and add comments to it.

Files, Bookmarks, and more

Refinder handles files, contacts, web pages, appointments, notes, questions, tasks, and more. All your team needs in one place.
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Collections can be exported in various formats and to other web applications.
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Communicate and Share

Build Teams

Invite collaborators to your collection. Read and write permissions of each team member can be configured individually.
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You can create as many collections as you need: for teams, projects, internal communities of practice. If you want, you can also invite external collaborators to your collections.
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Comment and Like

Information is multiplied when it is read and understood. All things added to Refinder can be commented. All things can be “liked” to give positive feedback. Collaborators in a collection get updates on recent activities via email. Everyone can individually configure how and when to receive updates. 

Use comments to get feedback on your ideas. Just put a question into Refinder and get an answer from your team.
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When writing a comment, you can link from the comment to the things you are referring to.
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Use Refinder also to publish selected collections on the web. A published collection is readable on the web and can be accessed by a larger audience. In this case the readers can only view the information. This is different from shared collections, where collaborators can comment and add new data.

Link and get recommendations

Refinder can help you to separate the signal from the noise. Distinguish between important and less important stuff. Discover related files and conversations, find experts.

Let Refinder show you what's relevant

Save time and understand everything in context. For any given thing, Refinder shows you related files, persons, emails, notes and topics. See things a task is talking about. You do not have to open the Refinder application for this; instead you can access recommendations directly in the application where you are working using Refinder’s Connectors.

Link things together

Create relations between information snippets using links. You build your own network of relevant things by connecting them with links. Links can be used to relate things within one collection or across different collections. Other users see your links only when they point to shared things. Things imported from a bookmark or from an application are automatically linked to their source.
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Search and Explore

All information added to Refinder is full-text indexed and can be searched.

Sort and Filter

Don’t worry about information overload any more. Explore the things in a collection by filtering them by owner, topic, change date, related persons, related organizations, related tasks, related questions or by type.
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Only you have access to your data, you can chose to share with your coworkers. All connections to Refinder are secured using 256-bit HTTPS encryption. Desktop and web services are connected via OAUTH and encrypted with one-time keys. Only services authorized by you can access your account. Your data is stored in a secure data center with access restrictions. Daily backup and redundant servers guarantee that your data is not lost and Refinder is available for you 99,99% of the time (that was our last month's uptime).

Get started with the free version

Get ready in a minute: Register your account, open a collection, connect your cloud services and start working. 

Be productive and up to date

Stay on top of your information piles. Browse activity streams and get notified when new updates happen.

Activity Streams

Find out who knows what and who could be asked for help. Stay up to date on the activities of team members by following the activity stream of a collection. Activity streams are on a “per-collection” basis.
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Get an overview on relevant data, the activity stream, active collections, and much more. Follow all activities across all collections and see things you are involved and interested in.

Personal Notifications

Be aware of all important updates. Configure how often you will receive email notifications on your activities - on a daily or even more frequent basis.
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Extend Refinder with the API

You have way more ideas to use your data. Get started with the Refinder API to access your data and develop interesting applications on top.
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