Success Stories

People around the world use Refinder. See how they benefit from it and get inspired! Consulting agencies, researchers, small creative teams, manufacturing companies - Refinder can be used in a variety of situations where people need to communicate.










Sébastian De Ganay


Teams use Refinder to

  • Collect information in one place: files, contacts, web bookmarks, appointments, notes, questions, tasks, and everything else needed to collaborate.
  • Keep using your existing software and data if you want. Refinder is able to integrate your applications and links to your data.
  • Get recommendations for relevant content when working on a topic or task. Filter and drill down on large information collections to find relevant data.
  • Share and discuss on projects, tasks, meetings and anything else you need to work on.
  • Organize information by linking, commenting and liking it.
  • Stay connected with others without disrupting them. Ask questions and get answers. Document decisions and get back to them.
  • Create private collections for personal information management.

Organizations use Refinder to

  • Support a collaborative, task-oriented work culture in flexible teams.
  • Support communication between different departments, with external partners, customers, and suppliers.
  • Collaborate in a private and secure network.
  • Save time spent on finding information and asking questions via email.
  • Improve business processes by integrating existing information systems and the data contained therein.
  • Reduce the amount of incoming and sent emails.