Stowe Boyd has done some experimenting with tools that integrate with Dropbox - calling the class a "work media tool". In a report he summarized his view on Chatbox , Pandadesk, and Refinder

"If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail*" - this is what you will experience, when you rely on a single tool you are familiar with. Hitting e-nails is easier when you have more than a hammer.

About the "open outcomes" approach in social business software

Last week, at the INiTs Investors Day, one of the participants approached me. He told me, that he had liked the Refinder presentation, however, he had missed a slide featuring the particular use-case, that Refinder addresses.  In the flurry of the networking chit-chat we were not able to discuss the question in depth, therefore I pick up the question here and hand in my point-of-view.

How we used Refinder for the redesign of Refinder

Designing a website typically involves a diverse set of stakeholders. The process between kick-off and launch is heavy on tasks like ideation, analysis, communication, opinion forming, discussion and decision making. We went through this process while redesigning the Refinder application. But on top, we used Refinder as the collaborative environment and communication platform to support the Refinder redesign project.

Chief Executive Thierry Breton realised that the 40 year old email system at place today is not the adequate tool for the staff of his 75.000 staff at Atos SA and plans to ban internal email within 18 months, upgrading it to a social software (like Refinder).

Starting with today you can now share your things with other people! Your project results are often the joint effort of a team, invite your colleagues to work together with you in Refinder. 

Networked organizations - The key to industrial success?

Enterprise 2.0 and social collaboration are currently on everyone's lips when talking about how to improve enterprise productivity. But to state that the right tools will you and your employees make collaborate is a myth. Read the findings from a recent McKinsey study. 

Collections and Publishing - Refinder's 2 hottest features

We are very happy to announce that we released 2 new features: Collections and Publishing. 

LASSO: Lookup and Alignment Services with Semantic Open Data

Gnowsis is happy to be part of the LASSO project. In this two-year project (which is partially funded by the FFG FIT-IT Semantic Systems programme) we aim to explore methods how we can exploit the huge amounts of structured data on the Web in order to improve Personal Information Management activities. We carry out this project together with our partners Services GmbH, IWM @ TU Graz, and Neurovation GmbH.

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