Let's collaborate! Sharing and file upload now available in Refinder

Starting with today you can now share your things with other people! Your project results are often the joint effort of a team, invite your colleagues to work together with you in Refinder. 

Imagine you are preparing for a meeting next week. Put together all relevant materials, slides and documents into a Collection in Refinder. Add the appointment from your calender, the web page of the hotel where you are staying. But wouldn´t it be great if you could share this with all other attendees? You can now share your collections with others to do this. 

How does sharing work?

Go to your collections and pick one. If you haven't created any collections yet, start by creating one. Once you have the collection open, to the right it will say "Share". To start sharing, type in the username or email adress of each person that you want to invite. Each person is stated as "pending" at first. This means that Refinder sends out an invitation to this person, which has to be accepted. A Refinder account is needed to invite someone to a collection.

Every shared Collection is marked by a "group icon", so you can immediately see, what is private and what selectively shared. Your Collections appear in blue, Collections someone else is sharing with you are marked in brown. Everyone in the collection will also be notified about updates via email. 

File upload

To make it more easier to exchange important facts, you can now also upload different kinds of files to Refinder. Be it a document, a presentation, a data sheet or a graphic. Share them as a part of a Collection with others and your colleagues can then download your files direclty from Refinder, without having to write or open any email. They get notified automatically. 


Last but not least, Refinder now performs faster than ever before. We optimized our database and after a huge update this week, you can now collect, organize and browse you things more convenient. 

Coming up next ...Just to keep you in the loop: we are working on new features including comments, likes and a new user interface!


Hallo Herr Gamauf! Vielen Dank für den Zwischenbericht, wir freuen uns darüber. Gerne auch längere Berichte an martina.gallova@gnowsis.com senden. Die Antwort auf Ihre Frage kommt auf Englisch, damit es für alle Leser verständlich ist. 

Your question was on the differences between Google Docs and Refinder's Collections.

Using Refinders' connectors, you can work with collections directly from your browser (via the bookmarklet) as well as your desktop applications. Refinder also lets you connect two different things from different applications.This works better when you add many files and when you have to organize large information collections.

We are also working on "comments" and "likes" to make Refinder a good tool for both personal information management and for working in groups. This means you will be able to discuss on whole collections and not only comment things within an open document. 

ich hab ja einen 'zwischenbericht' versprochen.
vielleicht mach ich ihn laufend zwischendurch, immer wenn mir was einfällt.

die eben angekündigten möglichkeiten nütze ich via gDocs.
vielleich wäre eine gegenüberstellung der vor- und nachteile Eurer methode zu gDocs allgemein nützlich?