Email to go? Not really.

No question about it: email is on trial. 40 years after the first email was sent, the role of email as a main bearer of business communications is disputed, resulting in striking headlines by companies announcing zero-email policies, or being scrutinized in the highly regarded self-experiments of IBM researcher  Luis Suarez, who tries to live his professional life sans email. A good moment to reflect email in the light of emerging social business platforms.

New features: Personal profiles and Invite per email

Small but nice are the new feature updates in Refinder. Starting this week you can now create profile pages and invite people into a collection via email. 

Email Overload: Focus on "Business Critical" Emails

Does email overload exist, and if yes, what affects it? David Sumeckia, Maxwell Chipulua, and Udechukwu Ojiakoa asked 1100 employees of a multinational technology firm and found out that there is a connection between non-critical emails and email overload. 

Are you a spring-cleaner or more a frequent-filer when it comes down to emails? And do you know what's a temperature of a task? A recently published study provides some interesting findings about re-finding of emails in the daily information overlaod. 

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