Refinder For Evernote: Perfect Your Projects

Evernote meets projects in Refinder! You have piled an information treasure in Evernote? All your ideas and documents are there? Great! Go and share your experience with your team! We have created Refinder ( to give you a secure project room where you can share ideas from all your cloud apps.

Refinder is for people who love the freedom of choice when it comes to cloud applications: Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs, whatever you love to use for your work, you should be able to use it for your projects. This is why we want to give you this freedom and bring all activities and data from your cloud applications into one secure place.
Refinder-for-Evernote is competing in the Evernote Devcup for the best Evernote Integration 2012. Please vote for us:
With Refinder-for-Evernote you can
  • Create Refinder collections, one for each project
  • Share an entire Evernote notebook
  • Share only certain notes, filtered by tag
  • Team members can read, comment, like and tag,
    and add data from their own information treasure from: 
    Dropbox, Google Docs, Evernote ... see here
  • Everyone can search all added data, having all in one place
  • The overview you get saves you sending and reading many emails in your team

How To Get Going:

1. Sign up for Refinder and Evernote, if you haven't done yet

2. Open a collection,
Click the "add cloud app" button.

3. Pick Evernote, select which data to import.

Voilá: Your notes start showing up, you can search, comment, add more just added your Evernote idea treasure to a project!


We are happy to read your feedback about your experience with Evernote&Refinder.